National Academy of Sciences, DC

On the 30th and 31st of January, 2015

Speaker Segment Featuring Sheila Tobias

Produced by Sheila Tobias
Audio/Video Compilation Design By Jan Cleary

Some sixty scholars from the humanities, arts and social sciences as well as engineering met at the National Academy of Sciences building in DC to discuss the possibilities for establishing an undergraduate, pre-professional degree program &mdash a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies in Engineering &mdash meant to attract students undecided about choice of a major who still have sufficient interest to enroll in a program that keeps open the possibility that they might pursue a career in engineering.
 The workshop over the day and one-half included six sessions, each led off by a panel of from three to six project participants.



PSM Graduates:
Who's Hiring Them and Why?

Produced by Sheila Tobias

Published on October 10, 2013

Conference highlighting businesses and students involved with the Professional Science Master's degree.

The National Professional Science Master's Association (NPSMA) is the membership association for the PSM initiative. It is a collaborative of Professional Science Master's (PSM) program directors, faculty, administrators, industry representatives, alumni, and students that supports PSM initiatives. It engages businesses, industries, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and trade associations in the development of graduate programs and internship and job placement opportunities for PSM students and graduates.


Banishing Math Anxiety

A conversation with co-author Sheila Tobias. Learn more about the book and order your copy here:

Kendall Hunt Publishing Company 2016


The Problem is Us - 1984

University of California, Irvine

And in your view one of the great challenges before the democracy is to gain control of the issue of peace and war.

Absolutely. What constitutes a barrier to gaining control is the belief on the part of ordinary men and women, that without the expertise that comes from being an insider in these matters, that one hasn't a right to utter an opinion or to recommend an alternate strategy. And I'm very concerned with changing that belief system from one of passivity, to one of activism.



How Men Use Military Experience in Politics

"If language reflects experience, then the metaphors that lace our language raise intriguing questions about who we are. Someone remarks ""I guess I shot myself in the foot."" Another calls his manager a ""loose cannon."" Still another says he is ""in command."" U.S. presidents talk about waging ""war on drugs"" or ""poverty.""

According to Sheila Tobias, an academic feminist, these expressions emerged out of the shared experience that most American males had--before there was a volunteer army--in the military. It identified them as members of a kind of club where leadership could be learned ""on the battlefield.""


Faces of Feminism

 a discussion between Sheila Tobias and
Bill Buckmaster - host of Arizona Illustrated,
March 1997


Sheila Tobias

Loyola University
September 20, 1999

What Makes Science Hard


The Occasion: Cornell's 1969 Retrospective

...a conference in 2015 that featured all of us rebels from the era; students/faculty/administrators (of which I was one) meeting again as part of the Cornell 150th retrospective.

Source: Cornell University Video Archives


Why Women's Education isn't Adequate
and what needs to be done.

1978 Audio Archive


Revitalizing Undergraduate Science

Sheila Tobias at the
Argonne National Laboratory

October 7, 1991

The gathering was in honor of Argonne's anniversary.

It was a gathering of STEM university faculty.

Not common in those years. Most STEM "reformers" were working (as I say in my talk, always on K-12 or even K-6).
I was one of two researchers in the 1990s who was looking at what happens to students who purport to have an interest in STEM when they hit college.

                                                             Sheila Tobias


Something About Sheila Tobias

Sheila Tobias has made an art and a science of being an outsider to science and mathematics, where hers is a household name for the books, Overcoming Math Anxiety, They're not Dumb, They're Different, Breaking the Science Barrier, Rethinking Science as a Career, and Banishing Math Anxiety.

Tobias is equally well known in academic and popular circles as a feminist and for her books, Women, Militarism and War (with Jean Elshtain) and Faces of Feminism: An Activist's Reflections on the Women's Movement.

Supported by the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Research Corporation, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, her work has made her a sought-after consultant on college and university curricula, general education, post-baccalaureate alternatives, professional master's in science and mathematics, and women's studies. Tobias is a popular speaker on all these topics and is available for formal addresses as well.

Educated in history and literature at Harvard/Radcliffe, Tobias earned a master's in history and an M.Phil at Columbia University and eight honorary doctorates, the most recent from Michigan State University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


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